Our custom inventory solutions include dedicated stocking services, scheduled deliveries as required by your Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing processes, and custom value added services such as bar coding, part labeling, and packaging. Response™ has proven to save customers time and money by reducing stock inventory costs and streamlining logistics.


Demand Planning - Our inventory specialists will work with you to determine what products and quantities to stock in our warehouse. Some customers entrust us with interpreting their forecast, others prefer to manage their own forecast. Either way, your products will be scheduled to arrive at your facility just in time. You will be invoiced only when your products are shipped. In an effort to provide seamless communications, we also offer stock status reports to program participants.

Metals at Competitive Prices - ICI Metals purchases metals direct from multiple mills to offer you quality products at competitive prices. Purchasing customized mill-produced bar lengths will also result in optimal cuts which reduce the amount of scrap and increase efficiency.

Metal Processing Services - Our industry leading equipment for sawing is handled by our expert team of Saw Operators to ensure precision cutting to your specifications. With redundant back up equipment, we will ensure that your order is completed on-time.

Packaging Services - We offer custom bar coding, part labeling, and packaging to minimize your handling and streamline your processes.

Delivery - Our company-owned fleet of trucks and driver staff is dedicated to delivering products to you safely and on time. We offer same day delivery in Ohio, and next day to Indiana, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Drop Shipping - Using your packaging and labeling specifications, we will ship direct to your customers in your name, eliminating double handling and reducing costs.

Emergency Service - For those unanticipated metal needs, program participants are offered 24/7 emergency contact information.


ICI Metals provides a wide range of metal products


Utilizing ICI Metal's Response™ Program can reduce your inventory costs, resulting in a decrease of the overall cost of operations. Equally important, ICI Metals will work to seamlessly integrate with your processes in order to maintain and improve your customer service.

Have you considered the full cost to maintain your stock inventory?

  • Housing - building depreciation, lighting, heating, maintenance
  • Money - tied up in stock inventory carrying costs, inventory taxes and inventory insurance
  • Saw Equipment - equipment depreciation, electrical power, servicing and repairs
  • Labor - moving or handling the product, to operate saw equipment and training of the saw operators, to handle and sell scrap, to count inventory, to code, label or package product

Companies that typically benefit from the Response™ Program include those that purchase metals or manufacture product on a regular basis. Contact us to learn more and find out how your company can benefit from Response™ Inventory Management.