About ICI Metals Service Center


Why ICI?

We’re asked all the time what makes us different from other service centers. The answer is pretty simple – our dedication to service. To us, service isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing; and the many long term business relationships we have formed over the years are a testament to that. We are more interested in delivering customized solutions to you and your business, than we are in “making the sale.” We take the time to get to know you and your company’s goals.

Our highly targeted solutions will make you wonder why you ever went anywhere else. We are an extension of your purchasing department. How do we do it? Our highly trained and competent staff…from our friendly and knowledgeable inside salespeople, to our quality-focused warehouse staff, we are in business to service YOU! Here are just a few examples -

When a security system supplier first met with us, they needed a way to ensure a consistent supply of quality aluminum extrusions. In an effort to do this, they were purchasing their extrusions from several different sources, which was proving time consuming and inefficient. Incoming material was often of inconsistent quality, and delivery was often late - resulting in production delays, and a buyer who was spending too much of their time hunting down material.

When this supplier made the decision to pivot to ICI as their key extrusion supplier, they were able to take advantage of ICI Metals’ buying power, to secure consistently lower prices on their extrusions, while still maintaining their high quality standards. This allowed them to order material only on an “as-needed” basis, thus enjoying the benefits of just-in-time delivery. We continue to stock all of their repeat extrusions. They have since noted improved productivity, less frustration, better production planning capability, and lower inventory carrying costs - all direct results of having a steady supply of material!

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A combustion engine manufacturer enlisted our help when their suppliers were routinely late on their deliveries, without the communication that would allow them to plan accordingly. These delays resulted in costly production interruptions and loss of revenue. Upon our involvement, we took their historical usage data, combined it with our vast supply chain network, and developed a custom stock and release program – complete with VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) reports updated weekly with current pricing and available stock. This program has eliminated surprise delays and allows for the kind of advance production planning required to run an efficient and profitable operation and provides communication with a dedicated inside salesperson who is highly responsive.

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We began working with a local fastener manufacturer when they needed some help with the storage and handling of their mill-delivered stainless steel wire carriers. Their mills had large minimum order quantities, which meant that our customer had to use valuable manufacturing space on material storage. They were also struggling with long mill lead times. After further discussion of their needs, we developed a stocking program that eliminated both of these issues. ICI now orders, stores, and releases their inventory as they need it, thus eliminating the long lead times and clearing up space for manufacturing their products.

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When we first began meeting with a highly respected sign manufacturer, their purchasing process involved ordering their aluminum extrusions (including some cut-to-length custom shapes), from multiple sources with no consistent pricing structure. They were also experiencing issues with storage space due to the required mill minimum orders. In addition, the mill lead times were forcing them to carry more inventory throughout the year, adding to their product costs. ICI was able to put together a customized stocking program, which not only provides them with custom cut aluminum extrusions, but also addresses the issue of long lead times and floor space. We were happy to hear this resulted in our customer’s ability to secure more sales and better service their customers.

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Our dedication to providing quality material was needed to assist a rotary table manufacturer who was experiencing inconsistencies in a particularly critical component of the aluminum cast tool & jig plate they were using – flatness. We work with several mills with stellar reputations for providing consistent physical and mechanical properties, so were able to provide samples which led to a stocking program. Our customer can continue to provide top-of-the-line products!

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An automotive supplier reached out to us for help in producing a prototype vehicle. Their current aluminum extrusion supplier was not able to keep up with their demand and they were losing precious time because of it. As a preferred vendor with numerous extrusion mills, we were able to have a die made to their exact specifications and had product in their hands months before they were promised it from their current supplier.

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When one of our salespeople called on a precision tool manufacturer, they were contending with inconsistent anodizing quality, which was leading to cosmetic issues with the cast aluminum plate they were using in their manufacturing process. We took the proactive step of getting a sample of our cast plate anodized in the color they needed, so they could see firsthand what we could offer. They were so pleased with the result, that they began using our anodized cast plate and have been using it ever since. The next step was to put together a stocking program for them, with just-in-time delivery and consistent market-driven pricing.

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One of our pump manufacturing customers uses several different diameters, grades, and lengths of material for their pump shafts. Typically, we would just supply them with full, uncut random lengths. At one point, they began to fall behind in production due to the time it was taking them to cut the different lengths required. We provided them with part numbers for each individual grade and length so they can now quickly and easily order the grade, diameter, length, and quantity needed. This has resulted in a substantial reduction in scrap, as well as a decrease in the need for storage space. We are also able to cut these on demand, and even use their storage bins for the parts, to save them time previously spent sorting.

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A canopy manufacturer was spending a lot of time and money on transporting its custom aluminum extrusions over 150 miles to its powder coater for painting. They have limited storage space, which meant they could only order a few extrusions at a time from their vendor and were making numerous runs back and forth to complete their jobs on time. Because of our close proximity to their painter, our buying power with the mills and our large warehouse, we are able to save them both time and money by stocking their extrusions in our state of the art warehouse and delivering to the powder coater next day whenever they need them.

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A pump manufacturer that we’ve worked with for many years uses a very small diameter stainless tube for a component of one of their pumps. Cutting 20’ random lengths into ¾” and 2” pieces became very time-consuming for them and posed a safety hazard to their workers because of the sharp burrs that were left on the parts after cutting.  We began cutting the pieces to length for them and through our vast network of processors and suppliers, were able to source a company to deburr the parts, adding value to the product for them. They now place the order with us and receive the complete part ready to use without the added cutting time or safety concerns.

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A machining manufacturer was in crisis mode after having their production line shut down for over a month due to delivery delays of their precision-ground stainless steel bars. Their supplier at the time was not able to improve on the lead time required for them to resume production. This gave us the opportunity to demonstrate to them how we could help – we were able to get bar stock in and ground to the desired size to get them back up and running. Since that time, our dedication to production requirements and timelines has meant that we have been entrusted to provide even more items to their inventory management stock list.

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Customer Quotes

Medical manufacturing company purchasing manager: “ICI Metals is our best supplier, hands down.” “Their competitors can’t – or won’t – do everything they do for us with their inventory management program, stock status reports, etc. – They’re great!”
Awning company owner: “Out of any of our vendors, we’ve never had a company give us service like you guys before.  Thank you.”
Manufacturing plant manager: “The people at your company seem to actually care about our business.  The company we dealt with before just didn’t.”
Manufacturing senior buyer: “I like that you [ICI] will put what I need in stock, so I don’t have to spend hours trying to find who has stock to cover what I need.”
Manufacturing Purchasing Agent: “ICI Metals is a great vendor to work with.  I’ve never had any issues.  Quotes are sent quickly.  Material is good quality.  Sales Rep stays in touch without being absent or overbearing.”
Tooling Manufacturer: “It has always been a pleasure working with of your staff at ICI.”
Fittings Manufacturer: “Always a great experience working with ICI Metals!”
Pump Manufacturer: “Thank you for all that you do.”